Salary Sacrifice

In tough times, the companies who emerge stronger and grow faster are the ones that are innovative and who continue to invest in their people. Extending the car benefit to all staff could just be one solution.

Our Salary Sacrifice scheme is one such solution helping you keep your best staff fully motivated and helping you recruit the best new talent available in the market. Essentially, it's an operating lease provided to all staff e.g. ‘non car entitled’ employees too, generally including the provision of maintenance services, but without impacting on your overhead costs. You simply lease a car from LVS– using an agreed car policy with enhanced fleet discounts – and the costs are then reimbursed in full by the employee via a monthly 'salary sacrifice', saving on both tax and NI.

  • A recruitment and retention tool
  • Removes perceived inequality: ‘car entitled’ v. ‘non car entitled’
  • Increased fleet size for improved negotiation
  • Saves employer’s NI
  • Reducing CO2 g/km
  • Vehicles properly maintained
  • Can assist CSR policy