Sale & Leaseback

With contract hire as popular as it is, more and more companies are opting away from vehicle ownership. With a sale and leaseback you can switch to leasing 'overnight' - and free up your capital!

Our sale and leaseback option - sometimes referred to as a purchase and leaseback - is a quick and effective way for companies to switch from vehicle ownership to contract hire 'overnight'. LVS can, simply, purchase your existing vehicles for an agreed value and lease them back to you for varying contract lengths dependent upon your fleet renewal policy. In this way, valuable capital is released from a depreciating fleet without incurring any disruption to day to day business and all the other financial and administrative benefits of contract hire are enjoyed immediately.

  • Frees up capital
  • Fixed monthly budgeting
  • Removes risk of depreciation
  • Removes risk of future servicing, repairs and maintenance
  • Transparent costs
  • Administrative efficiencies