Driver Profiling

Understanding driver behaviour with DriverMetrics FDRI

An effective risk management strategy depends on understanding the key factors contributing to accidents.

DriverMetrics FDRI is a simple, cost effective and proven method of identifying ‘at risk’ drivers by revealing individual high risk behaviour patterns. It has been designed and developed at Cranfield University and is backed up by over 20 years academic research.

How does it work?

DriverMetrics FDRI a unique online behavioural risk assessment that identifies the situational factors and the personality-based, behavioural and emotional factors that disrupt driver performance. This allows you to then focus resources on those employees where driver training will have the greatest impact.

  • Online behavioural risk assessment, 24/7
  • Identifies which drivers are at risk and why
  • Creates individual risk profiles
  • Results in targeted training
  • Scientifically proven to be predictive of accident involvement
  • 20 years validated academic research
  • Quick and easy to deploy at nominal cost
  • Detailed driver report and comprehensive management information