In-vehicle telematics

An essential tool for optimum fleet performance.

If you want to reduce fleet cost, reduce risk, implement tighter management control or just enhance driver support, ProFleet2 in-vehicle telematics is the ideal solution.

Managing your business mileage

ProFleet2 is an award-winning solution used extensively to benefit businesses, fleet managers and drivers. It is a cost-effective solution for mileage capture and expense management, duty of care, lower insurance premiums, ease of vehicle administration and environmental monitoring. Key journey and vehicle data is transmitted remotely via the mobile network with secure reporting for drivers and fleet managers available. ProFleet2 has also helped to recover over £1.7m of stolen vehicles recovered to date.

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ProFleet2 benefits your business…

  • reduced risk of contract recharges
  • reduced excess mileage
  • reduced mileage reimbursement
  • reduced operating costs
  • improved compliance with H&S legislation
  • accurate mileage capture
  • improved tax efficiency
  • efficient environmental management
  • improved contract management
  • lower insurance costs
  • improved driving behaviour
  • stolen vehicle recovery

…and supports your drivers

  • timely service reminders
  • no need to keep paper journey records for expenses
  • separate business and private mileage at the click of a mouse
  • electronic (and 100% accurate) fuel expenses
  • highlights high risk journeys
  • vehicle location facility