Licence checking

Ensure you are compliant with work related road safety recommendations.

Legally and morally your company should be regularly checking that your drivers are entitled to drive on you behalf. This applies to company car, owner and occasional drivers, spouses, partners or family members that drive on your behalf or with your permission.

It is an offence to cause or permit another person to drive on a road a motor vehicle of any class if that person is not the holder of a licence authorising him to drive a motor vehicle of that class”
- Road Traffic Act 1988 S.87 (2)

Managing this risk is a fundamental part of our DriveSafe Solutions package, delivered in conjunction with the Licence Bureau, the UK’s leading provider of driving licence verification.

Our service includes checking new employees’ driver licences as well as regular checks throughout the year on any driver entitled to drive company, owned, hire or pool vehicles. Statistics suggest many drivers are disqualified from driving under the 'totting-up' scheme, increasing the risk that individuals will drive while disqualified, however 25% of drivers who have reached 12 points are still driving.

Our licence checking programme is quick to implement and cost effective. Online management reports are included – keeping you in control 24/7.

  • 24-48 hour turnaround
  • 3 year DPA mandate
  • flexible enrolment options
  • regular checks with no disruption to drivers
  • dedicated helpdesk supporting your scheme
  • DVLA and DVL NI approved
  • alerts for illegal drivers
  • alerts for category expiry
  • alerts for photocard expiry
  • ISEB Data Protection certification
  • ISO 27001 compliant .

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