Policy management

Keeping your fleet policy up to date.

Fleet policies are wide-ranging and, inevitably, need to be dynamic to take into account a regularly changing legal and business landscape. The fleet policy must also define the ‘standard’ rules, allowances and procedures for your fleet across a range of elements such as trading up, driver safety, accident reporting and business mileage capture.

By utilising our wealth of experience in the fleet management market, we can help ensure your fleet policy remains up to date with the latest legislation, motoring advice and best practice HR guidance.

Our experience spans a wide range of industry sectors (large and small). We can offer you advice and guidance on a diverse range of subjects.

  • Vehicle allocation and specification
  • Contract of employment
  • Definition of 'fit for purpose'
  • Correct use of vehicle
  • Security and contents, safety kits, etc
  • Driving licence
  • Accidents
  • Driving hours, weather conditions, etc
  • Breakdowns and punctures