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The landscape of mobility is changing radically. New and emerging technologies combined with changing legislation and a growing environmental awareness are set to shake up the way we view traditional business travel. Now is the time to shape and define the future landscape of mobility in your own business.

A stimulating, interactive space where you can define your future

The ALD Mobility Experience in Bristol is a unique and dynamic space that will bring together key stakeholders from your organisation for an interactive session that will disrupt and challenge the way you currently approach business travel. Ideally, this visionary conversation will involve decision makers in HR, Finance, Fleet Management, Legal and any other areas that directly or indirectly influence your current business mobility arrangements. During what is a genuinely ‘big picture’ experience, you will collectively review and contest traditional thinking and consider new ways of approaching how you and your employees move around for business. Interactive audio-visual gaming technology and our expert Consultancy Services team will facilitate the conversation and nurture your discussions. Together you will design a comprehensive mobility policy that is entirely in step with your business objectives, both now and in the future.

The future of mobility is at your fingertips

Mobility keeps your organisation’s eco-system moving; it determines the effectiveness of your people, contributes to staff morale and ultimately impacts profitability. The ALD Mobility Experience is an exclusive opportunity to challenge current ways of working and to develop new strategies for effective and sustainable travel under the guidance of our expert Consultants. The ALD Mobility Experience will take place over 3 hours at our Bristol head office. We want to make sure key influencers from your organisation are involved so that you get the most out of your session with us.

The output of your session will be captured in a series of personalised insights and decisions that will form part of your short, mid and long term objectives. Ongoing support from our Consultancy Services team will empower you to create strategies to implement the outcomes and obtain buy-in from the wider organisation.

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As the operational leasing and fleet management division of Société Générale, ALD Automotive is the leader in vehicle leasing operations in Europe and manages over 1.4 million vehicles across more than 43 countries worldwide. Established in the UK in 1958 ALD has almost 60 years’ experience in providing vehicle funding and ancillary support services within both the corporate and consumer markets. ALD is widely recognised as one of the industry’s leading service providers, with a proven portfolio of award winning products for major plc’s, small businesses and individual drivers alike.