What is Sale and Leaseback?

Sale and Leaseback is a way of fast-tracking ownership of a fleet of vehicles on a Business Contract Hire basis. One of the main reasons this solution is increasing in popularity is that it allows capital tied up in your vehicle(s) to be released to you and re-invested elsewhere in the business.

How it works?

Lombard Vehicle Solutions can simply purchase your existing vehicles for an agreed value and lease them back to you for varying contract lengths dependent upon your fleet renewal policy. In this way, valuable capital is released from a depreciating fleet without incurring any disruption to the day-to-day running of your business. Once you start paying your monthly rentals, the financial and administrative benefits of Business Contract Hire are enjoyed immediately. 

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Benefits of Sale & Leaseback

  • Frees up capital
  • Fixed monthly budgeting and improvements in cash flow
  • Removes risk of fleet depreciation
  • Removes risk of future servicing, repairs and maintenance through our maintenance packages
  • Option to upgrade vehicles at the end of the contract hire term for brand new vehicles removing disposal worries
  • Administrative efficiencies

What else do I need to take into consideration?

  • You'll no longer own your vehicle fleet
  • You're limited to the mileage set out at the start of the agreement. Any excess mileage will incur additional fees
  • Any damage to the vehicle must be repaired prior to returning the vehicle, otherwise this will be charged as an additional payment at the end of the contract
  • Early termination will incur a penalty fee
What else do I need to take into consideration?

How can Lombard Vehicle Solutions make a difference to your business?

  • Offering intelligent, forward-thinking and flexible vehicle funding solutions to meet your long-term business ambitions
  • Working in collaboration with ALD Automotive’s innovative products and award-winning support services
  • Team of trusted experts
  • Utilising ALD Automotive's 60 years of experience combined with the asset experience of Lombard
  • Delivering an experience we're proud of to all our customers

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