Accident management programme

Our accident management programme can help your business deal with accidents, as well as theft and damage to company vehicles. It has the ability to provide you with greater control on costs and minimises disruption and the impact on administrative resources.

It’s inevitable whilst managing any number of vehicles that accidents, damage and theft will occur, even when vehicles aren't being driven. Whether the vehicle has been stolen, ‘pranged’ or involved in a more serious incident, our team have the expertise and support to reduce the downtime of the vehicles.

Our accident management programme handles every incident quickly and efficiently, taking care of all fault, non-fault and split liability claims. Our unique programme has been developed to deliver real added-value, with online reporting keeping you completely in control, 24/7.

How can an accident management programme help to minimise the cost to my business?

  • Lower average cost of repair
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Improved loss recovery
  • Improved cash flow
  • Increased control over third party costs
  • Reduced requirement for uninsured loss recovery
  • Improved salvage return
  • Improved claims history (c.17%) 
  • Reduced risk of costly litigation
  • No financial risk
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Accident management programme

How can Lombard Vehicle Solutions make a difference to your business?

  • Offering intelligent, forward-thinking and flexible vehicle funding solutions to meet your long-term business ambitions
  • Working in collaboration with ALD Automotive’s innovative products and award-winning support services
  • Team of trusted experts
  • Utilising ALD Automotive's 60 years of experience combined with the asset experience of Lombard
  • Delivering an experience we're proud of to all our customers

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