What is ProFleet Telematics?

Telematics is essentially a black box that sits in your vehicle and uses intelligent thinking to capture mileage, journey information, vehicle service reminders, and more.

What is ProFleet and how to manage business mileage?

ProFleet is a state of the art award-winning vehicle telematics solution giving businesses, fleet managers and drivers greater control. Added value can be seen through enhanced driver support as well as cost efficiency benefits. ProFleet has also helped to recover over £1.7m of stolen vehicles recovered to date.

Our telematics system is an intuitive solution for mileage capture and expense management, duty of care, the benefit of securing reduced insurance premiums, easy vehicle administration and environmental monitoring.

How does a telematics device work?

Key journey data is transmitted remotely via a mobile network with secure reporting for drivers and fleet managers. Even when the signal is lost, the technology will log all data and ‘catch-up’ when the mobile connection is restored.

ProFleet uses secure ‘cloud’ technology, to remotely access your vehicle telematics technology, whether already or retrospectively installed. This data offers a wealth of fleet management information, but it’s how the data is used that really makes the difference.

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How can ProFleet benefit your business?

  • Reduced risk of contract recharges
  • Reduced excess mileage
  • Reduced mileage reimbursement
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved compliance with H&S legislation
  • Accurate mileage capture
  • Improved tax efficiency
  • Efficient environmental management
  • improved contract management
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Improved driving behaviour
  • Stolen vehicle recovery

How can black box telematics devices help drivers

  • Timely service reminders
  • No need to keep paper journey records for expenses
  • Separate business and private mileage at the click of a mouse
  • Electronic (and 100% accurate) fuel expenses
  • Highlights high risk journeys
  • Vehicle location facility

How can Lombard Vehicle Solutions make a difference to your business?

  • Offering intelligent, forward-thinking and flexible vehicle funding solutions to meet your long-term business ambitions
  • Working in collaboration with ALD Automotive’s innovative products and award-winning support services
  • Team of trusted experts
  • Utilising ALD Automotive's 60 years of experience combined with the asset experience of Lombard
  • Delivering an experience we're proud of to all our customers

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